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Why blog now? Like


I am pretty sure I have Alzheimer’s in my future. Look, I have all the signs – I constantly search for my misplaced i-phone, I stare at an open refrigerator trying to figure out what was it that I was reaching in for, I burned quite a few tea kettles until I finally got one with a whistle and then my husband upgraded me to an electric one (cool – it turns off on its own!). Sometimes I mix my children’s’ birthdates (am I a bad mother?).  I do puzzles and get dressed with my eyes closed so to exercise my brain. I have ordered numerous bottles of ginkgo biloba which supposedly is good for your memory – the only problem is, I keep forgetting to take the damn pills and they eventually expire…Obviously, there is no surprise that I gravitate to any newspaper article or a QVC infomercial that promises to improve my memory… So, in a tiny book store of beautiful Costa Rica’s Liberia Airport, I picked up this papercover by Joshua Foer  – “Moonwalking with Einstein. The Art and Science of Remembering Everything”.  Awesome! By the time I land at JFK, I’ll be a walking memory card!

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