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highlights: 2016 NYC International Makeup Artists Trade Show Like

Let me tell you about a day in a life of a makeup artist. Well, not a usual day – I don’t really go around attending makeup trade shows every day, especially as an on-looker… So, on a cloudy April day, my fellow makeup artists and I headed to Pier 94 to join the around-the-corner line of beauty pros and makeup artists waiting in the cold for the opening of the PRO day at the NYC IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show).

The show takes place in various locations such as Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver and New York and is open to general public, except the PRO-card events. Makeup artists from film, television, fashion and theater come here to see and to be seen. This is a great place to connect, network and stock up on makeup products.

In the past, I have always worked at this event with various brands but this year I decided to take a break and attend as a guest. I am very excited that I finally got a chance to calmly explore the products and shop around (if you plan to attend, WARNING: heavy spending is predicted and might be unavoidable!)

First stop was to see my friends at Eve Pearl’s booth. They were getting ready for a busy show with  bloggers and beauty influencers. There were some awesome new products, which you can check out on Eve’s website.
Next stop – Jouer Cosmetics. I was super happy to see this brand at the show, they have the most gorgeous tinted moisturizers and the prices are unbeatable. I got a couple of Luminizing moisturizers for myself. Recommend: Matte Moisture Tint formula for oily skin and for men’s grooming.
Now to the Frends Beauty – a go-to beauty supply store offering lashes for just $1 – how awesome is that? ! One can never have too many fake lashes when you are a makeup artist or just someone who loves full lashes!
Noticed a new  vendor this year – “Lashes in the box” from San Francisco. The brand offers synthetic lashes as well as lashes made from human hair. I got myself a box of those (10 pairs for $20, N17), packed in a sleek black box which is great for traveling and keeping all the lashes in one place.
Walking, walking… Hey, here is Eric Coffman – the owner of “Graftobian Professional Makeup”.  Got some great advice from him on using his product . Thanks, Eric!
Oh, look, one of my favorite booths – Besame Cosmetics by Gabriela Hernandez. If you want to time-travel in the world of beauty you should check out these vintage looking products inspired by the golden age of cinema in Los Angeles. I absolutely loved it.
And now, let me tell you about my latest obsession –  Natasha Denona Makeup Line launched by Beautylish in the US this year. Honestly, the eye shadows are on another level of pigmentation and the quality is just outstanding. The product is pricey but worth every penny. I got a chance to meet Natasha at the show. If you have never seen her videos, I suggest you do so as soon as you are done reading this post – she does an incredible job using all her makeup products. Natasha, who is based in Tel Aviv, invited me to her studio – I hope to be booking a trip there in the near future and I will definitely take her up on the offer.
Tip for a PRO: sign up for Natasha’s 30% Pro Discount if you are MUA, cosmetologist or aesthetician.
Last but not least – Rae Morris and the launch of her new book “Makeup Masterclass”. Rae is an Australian makeup artist who works with celebrities and superstars and her new book is a must-have for any makeup artist or just a makeup enthusiast. I attended her presentation and was amazed at how much useful knowledge I took away.


A few other workshops I want to mention that took place are HOW TO GIVE PROSTHETICS LIFE by special make-up effects artists Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine doing a character make-up demo onstage;   a BRIDAL MAKE-UP: HOW TO TAME THE BRIDEZILLA by Megan Garmers; and #LIPOFTHEDAY WITH @DAMMITNICHOLEOCC by Nichole Christine of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

As I was walking down the isles, I got to test Facebook’s newest feature – Live Stream! This is awesome – now everyone can have their own “reality show”! The energy at the show was great and I had a lot of fun hanging out with all these talented people,  creators of beauty, innovators, entrepreneurs, educators and artists gathered under one roof…

till next year, IMATS!


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Eyebrows… the picture frame of your face Like

Brows are a very interesting feature of a human face. Apart from protecting eyes from sweat and dust,  the style and shape of eyebrows has had specific cultural  significance and meaning throughout centuries. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Middle Eastern and African cultures valued purity and viewed a uni-brow as an attractive natural feature on a woman’s face.  In Chinese folk culture, the extremely long eyebrows of an old person are seen as symbol of longevity. In pre-modern Japan, rich women practiced Hikimayu – a process when they plucked or shaved the natural brows and painted smudge-like eyebrows on the forehead to show their aristocratic rank. Buddhists shave their eyebrows as a symbol of their priestly status, and in India drawn-on eyebrows on a baby are considered to be a mark of balance of power, while Pygmy men in Africa use razor to create decorative patterns on their eyebrows.

In beauty, trends are constantly changing, but no matter your particular preference, it is important to keep the brows healthy.

As a makeup artist, I observe that many women, especially over the age of 40, complain of thinning eyebrow. It’s like as they get older, the eyebrows that were once full and lustrous are now disappearing faster and faster. Together with my clients, I try to look for reasons, and although occasionally it is obvious that nutrient deficiency (vitamins A, E, D, iron, B), hypothyroidism (treatment includes nutrition and supplements to support thyroid hormone production) , eczema and aging are the reasons, in most of the cases the thinning eyebrows are simply the result of over-waxing. The hot wax makes your brows disappear with age.. When waxed, the hair is pulled from the root, resulting in the weakening of the root; the hair that re-grows is usually thinner and weaker. For eyebrows, I personally recommend plucking or threading because these methods lead to thicker hair – pulling each hair individually stimulates the  dermal papilla more than waxing, and this stimulation leads to increased blood supply and strengthening of the hair follicles.

If you are noticing that your eyebrows are thinning, it’s important to look at the possible causes to make sure you’re not making it worse and start to grow them back slowly.

When deciding on your eyebrows, knowing your face is very important – your brows balance your features and define your eyes, so make sure you choose the correct arch, right shade/color, and right product.  You will notice that even thou the latest trend (social media)  is a dark/full/overdone  brow, it’s not necessarily  the best option for everyone. Here are some examples of how celebrities highlight their individual features by going with all varieties of eyebrows:

To help you get the shape you want, I recommend to go with powder based pencils which are super easy to use because they allow you to control how much product to apply.

Some of my favorite products for eyebrow shaping are:

Givenchy Beauty – eyebrow show powdery pencil
MAC – A self-propelling and self-sharpening brow definer

To get inspiration, here is a look back at some classic trends throughout 20th and 21st centuries:

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Get your brow game on to the next level?

‘Til we meet again,


Introducing Eve Pearl Like

Eve Pearl is a 5-time Emmy Award Winner, Author, and Authority on Beauty.  She is a leader in the industry with two decades of experience as a makeup professional in TV, film, theater and she has been setting the standards and trends in global beauty industry.

Tamara had a chance to sit down for an interview with Eve, we hope you’ll find it interesting. Continue reading Introducing Eve Pearl Like