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My name is Anna. If you read this post before March 8, that would mean that I messed up badly. With a go-live date being planned for a week ahead, I thought I had plenty of time to get myself a crash course in setting up a lifestyle blog and be ready to publish beautiful and entertaining posts for the world to see on March 8, International Women’s Day, celebrated almost everywhere around the world but not in the US for some reason. Any way,  didn’t work out quite the way I planned…

After spending my Saturday switching between youtube and wordpress tutorials, I thought I had it under control and I was about to take a break (meaning, get the dinner ready for my neglected starving  hubby), when I realized that my draft posts somehow got published and are out there, to be judged by the world!!! So much for perfecting every word and sweating over every comma!

There probably is a way to recall the posts (I googled in search of a solution and I was immediately happy to see that there are quite a few of us, idiots, out there, who got this idea that we can become sensational bloggers overnight!) Any way, instead of trying to read through millions of suggestions on what to do, I figured I’ll just jump on my site and finish up all the drafts and make them decent for the eyes of all critics. Mark, babe, start the coffeemaker, we have a blog to launch!

So, here we are – in the first issue of our blog I will explain how the idea of Pixie Dust Formula was born. I am really counting on the help of my family and friends  in running this blog where we will be discussing beauty, makeup, fashion, healthy lifestyle, art, travel, relationships and many other happy things. Judging by the wild start, I can already see this will be a bumpy ride, but eventually we will get it right. I hope.  Welcome to Pixie Dust Formula.


All you need is faith, trust and little pixie dust…