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Brows are a very interesting feature of a human face. Apart from protecting eyes from sweat and dust,  the style and shape of eyebrows has had specific cultural  significance and meaning throughout centuries. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Middle Eastern and African cultures valued purity and viewed a uni-brow as an attractive natural feature on a woman’s face.  In Chinese folk culture, the extremely long eyebrows of an old person are seen as symbol of longevity. In pre-modern Japan, rich women practiced Hikimayu – a process when they plucked or shaved the natural brows and painted smudge-like eyebrows on the forehead to show their aristocratic rank. Buddhists shave their eyebrows as a symbol of their priestly status, and in India drawn-on eyebrows on a baby are considered to be a mark of balance of power, while Pygmy men in Africa use razor to create decorative patterns on their eyebrows.

In beauty, trends are constantly changing, but no matter your particular preference, it is important to keep the brows healthy.

As a makeup artist, I observe that many women, especially over the age of 40, complain of thinning eyebrow. It’s like as they get older, the eyebrows that were once full and lustrous are now disappearing faster and faster. Together with my clients, I try to look for reasons, and although occasionally it is obvious that nutrient deficiency (vitamins A, E, D, iron, B), hypothyroidism (treatment includes nutrition and supplements to support thyroid hormone production) , eczema and aging are the reasons, in most of the cases the thinning eyebrows are simply the result of over-waxing. The hot wax makes your brows disappear with age.. When waxed, the hair is pulled from the root, resulting in the weakening of the root; the hair that re-grows is usually thinner and weaker. For eyebrows, I personally recommend plucking or threading because these methods lead to thicker hair – pulling each hair individually stimulates the  dermal papilla more than waxing, and this stimulation leads to increased blood supply and strengthening of the hair follicles.

If you are noticing that your eyebrows are thinning, it’s important to look at the possible causes to make sure you’re not making it worse and start to grow them back slowly.

When deciding on your eyebrows, knowing your face is very important – your brows balance your features and define your eyes, so make sure you choose the correct arch, right shade/color, and right product.  You will notice that even thou the latest trend (social media)  is a dark/full/overdone  brow, it’s not necessarily  the best option for everyone. Here are some examples of how celebrities highlight their individual features by going with all varieties of eyebrows:

To help you get the shape you want, I recommend to go with powder based pencils which are super easy to use because they allow you to control how much product to apply.

Some of my favorite products for eyebrow shaping are:

Givenchy Beauty – eyebrow show powdery pencil
MAC – A self-propelling and self-sharpening brow definer

To get inspiration, here is a look back at some classic trends throughout 20th and 21st centuries:

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Get your brow game on to the next level?

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My name is Mari and I am the founder of IGJunky.

A few weeks ago I attended the “Amplify Your Brand” workshop on how to promote brands.  There were about 30 of us young entrepreneurs hungry for wisdom, jotting down every single word of invaluable advice shared by the experts, and we kept hearing  “you need to have a story,” “tell us your story”, “what’s your story”… And so I started thinking: Do I have a story?

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FIT presents: Fairy Tale Fashion Like

My boss is out of office today. Do you know what that means? Exactly – I get to take a longer lunch break (there is no way my boss ever reads this post, right?). And so I quickly chowed down my egg salad sandwich and headed to one of my favorite museums in the city – The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT, NYC).

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Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez Like

Having been to Jamaica quite a few times (6 times in 5 years, to be exact), I guess you can say I have a soft spot for this small sunny island the size of Connecticut. I have to admit that during our first trip we didn’t to go outside of the resort property (not sure why), however as time passed,  we fell in love with the friendly staff, musicians and the regulars  walking up and down the beach, and we started venturing out more and more to get closer to the local culture and traditions. Continue reading Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez Like

Jamaica: No Problem, Mon Like

With its slow pace of life, beautiful sandy beaches, and great music scene, Jamaica is a perfect place for a laid back vacation. This Caribbean Island has plenty to offer to visitors of all types. The hurricane season ends around November, and that is when my husband and I, together with some friends and family, traditionally pack our bags and board Jet Blue for a quick flight to Sangster Airport of Montego Bay. Continue reading Jamaica: No Problem, Mon Like

Introducing Eve Pearl Like

Eve Pearl is a 5-time Emmy Award Winner, Author, and Authority on Beauty.  She is a leader in the industry with two decades of experience as a makeup professional in TV, film, theater and she has been setting the standards and trends in global beauty industry.

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Color Correcting – to do or not to do… Like

Cosmetics and Makeup have been a big part of women’s life for centuries in every society on earth, with ups and downs throughout the history. In the last decade or so, primarily thanks to the social media, the beauty industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar level, targeting women and men of all ages and complexion. In the 21st century the consumer demand for beauty essentials is enormous, with thousands of brands out there, and yet, finding the right product can be quite challenging and intimidating.
Being exposed to many makeovers, I witness what the RIGHT makeup does – its magical power to change a woman’s attitude, lift her confidence and make her appreciate her own natural beauty is fascinating. Agree, investing in quality makeup is a must, HOWEVER, knowing what looks good on you is equally important and a wrong choice of everyday cosmetics and makeup can lead to physical and emotional instability.
As a makeup artist with over 5 years of professional experience, I see the challenges first hand – very often customers approach me with requests to make them look like certain celebrities as they appear in social media, or I get presented with long lists of beauty products suggested by some social media beauty “guru” in order to achieve flawless and spotless look. However, these women don’t realize that most of the social media images are filtered through editing apps and tons of product is used to achieve the perfect looks (or the models have perfect skin to begin with.)  My advice is to find your face instead of trying to look like someone in a YouTube makeup tutorial – study your skin, your eyes, your cheek bones, experiment with products and styles to find what works the best for you. When shopping for makeup or skincare, don’t be embarrassed to ask questions and don’t necessarily go for the most expensive or the most talked about products – from time to time it’s okay to try less known brands, chances are these work as well and maybe even better than instafamous ones! Invest in products that look and feel good on you and are SIMPLE to use.
Another point to consider when buying a makeup product, is that a makeup application requires skills and time in order to achieve decent results. A modern woman just doesn’t have too much time and patience to spend in front of the mirror on a daily basis, and so I try to educate my customers by suggesting the right products and makeup routines that are simple yet effective.
Let’s look at the latest trends in beauty – this past season social media was HUGE on heavy Contour/Highlight, as well as brows.  Right now, the BIG BUZZ is color correcting.  Just check out endless beauty instagramies and you’ll notice that color correcting is being used left and right. Color correcting is nothing new for makeup professionals but for the everyday makeup wearer this product is just being introduced and we need to be careful when deciding whether to use it or not. Before you consider it, ask yourself: “Does my skin type really require the use of color correcting?” In most cases, color correcting is just an extra step which is not really required unless a person has serious dermatological problems.
Here is an example of how the right makeup product and application process embrace the natural beauty – Anna volunteered to be my model for this demonstration, stating that the redness on her cheeks, spider veins around the nose, and dark under eyes qualify her as a near perfect candidate to prove my point (Anna’s words, not mine!)
 anna makeup
I started with applying a moisturizer all over the face. I used green based color correcting primer by Givenchy Beauty on the left side of the face. Notice how the primer nicely covered the redness and brightened her skin without looking like she has a corrector (excellent product!). Now step two is to cover the primer with a foundation – looks great! For the other side of the face, I skipped the color correcting primer and applied  Eve Pearl HD Cream foundation duo in light tone.  As you can see, the Eve Pearl’s duo does the same job – it covers all skin imperfections, takes away redness, blends nicely, with the difference being that the application process is one step easier.
This shows that for small to medium skin flaws, it is not necessary to use color correcting primer – great results can be achieved with less steps/products.
Next step:
– Filled in the brows (notice the difference in Anna’s brows on the second picture). Eyebrows make a big difference on a person’s face:  they can make you look beautiful and young when done right, or mean and surprised when a wrong color and arch is used. So, unless you are an actress playing the wicked witch, forget the ANGRY BIRDS EYEBROWS -they are scary!!
Finishing touches:
– Makeup set by Hourglass – AMBIENT LIGHT TRIO (favorite powders)
– my latest obsession – liquid lipstick PLUM NAKED by EVE PEARL BEAUTY (long wearing, non drying, lip plumping formula.)


‘Til we meet again…

Why blog now? Like


I am pretty sure I have Alzheimer’s in my future. Look, I have all the signs – I constantly search for my misplaced i-phone, I stare at an open refrigerator trying to figure out what was it that I was reaching in for, I burned quite a few tea kettles until I finally got one with a whistle and then my husband upgraded me to an electric one (cool – it turns off on its own!). Sometimes I mix my children’s’ birthdates (am I a bad mother?).  I do puzzles and get dressed with my eyes closed so to exercise my brain. I have ordered numerous bottles of ginkgo biloba which supposedly is good for your memory – the only problem is, I keep forgetting to take the damn pills and they eventually expire…Obviously, there is no surprise that I gravitate to any newspaper article or a QVC infomercial that promises to improve my memory… So, in a tiny book store of beautiful Costa Rica’s Liberia Airport, I picked up this papercover by Joshua Foer  – “Moonwalking with Einstein. The Art and Science of Remembering Everything”.  Awesome! By the time I land at JFK, I’ll be a walking memory card!

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